Acupuncture Nashville Treatments:


Initial Visit-1 hr-$95

Follow-up-45 Minutes-$75

Acupuncture Nashville TN

Nashville Acupuncture

Each session is tailored to you for your particular medical issue.  Very small needles are inserted into ‘acupuncture points.’  These points are like little holes that exist within the pathway of the nervous system.  At each point, the acupuncturist can direct the body to do something:  balance hormones, induce sleep, relax, stop pain, etc.  Acupuncture is basically painless and is very relaxing for the mind and body.  There are few if any side effects.  The side effect is typically that you feel great!

Deluxe Acupuncture & Massage Treatment

Initial Visit-1hr-$95


Nashville Acupuncture

This is a combination treatment of both acupuncture and massage (on the back).  This allows the body to be worked out at the muscular level, before the insertion of the acupuncture needles.  This is a very comprehensive treatment for any type of back pain or imbalance.

Full Body Medical Massage:


Nashville Acupuncture

Massage At Acupuncture Nashville

A full body massage that incorporates swedish, deep tissue and tuina Chinese massage.  This is a very integrative massage to melt and relax every muscle in the body.

Acupuncture & Massage-The Royal Treament:

1.5 hrs-$165

Acupuncture Nashville

Acupuncture and Massage Royal Treatment

This is quite a treat for the body which includes 1 hour of massage followed by an acupuncture treatment.  This treatment is loved by many because it is very relaxing yet therapeutic.  The massage works out any muscular tension and the acupuncture that follows can treat muscle aches and pains and/or internal bodily imbalances.



Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation:

Initial Facial Rejuvenation-$120

Follow-up Facial-$85

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Nashville

Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation

Acupuncture Nashville is one of the Acupuncture Clinics in Nashville who is the best for properly administering the Acupuncture Facial.  This treatment starts with an organic cleanser toner, exfoliant, mask, hydrating lotion and is followed by ‘gua sha’ and acupuncture.  Gua sha is an ancient technique using small paddles that are swept up along the facial contour.  This not only helps the product to get deeply into the skin’s dermis, but it promotes circulation, helps with any wrinkles and overally ‘lifts’ the face.  The acupuncture facial rejuvenation is also known as an acupuncture face lift.  It is 100% natural and makes the face look vibrant and beautiful.

Triple Combo:

Intial Visit-$95


Nashville Acupuncture

Renew Triple Combo

If you are looking to renew your entire body, try the triple combo.  This consists of massage on the back, followed by cupping and ending with acupuncture.  This treatment therapeutically addresses any muscle aches and pains, removes toxins from the body and loosens deep muscular tension with cupping, and acupuncture reconnects the nervous system.  This treatment is like hitting the reset button on the body!

Essential Oils and Acupuncture:



Acupuncture Nashville TN

Acupuncture with Essential Oils

Do you love essential oils?  Not only do they smell amazing but they have great therapeutic effects on certain points.  This treatment will stimulate certain points and essential oils will be used to modify, change and enhance the treatment.  Not only will you have a euphoric smelling experience, but you will feel this treatment deeply as it strengthens and rejuvenates the body.

House-calls for Acupuncture in Nashville

1hr session in Nashville-$150

Greater Nashville area-$200

Acupuncture Nashville

Acupuncture in Nashville House calls

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